Tuesday, 14 January 2014

From Script to Screen - restructure the story of Astronaut, Factory and Stilts

This is a story happen in the industry time, a boy was born in a poor family living in a country where is highly wealth disparity. Height is a representative and symbol of rich, nobel and high authority. Rich business man will ask the carpenter to make carving on the stilts by hands with different woods which present your classes given by the government.This boy walks to his workplace every single day. The industry factory of making stilts which is for citizen's class, he can always to touch the woods but never get permission to wear them. But he does not give up, he is so positive and hopeful that there will have a day he could look at people in the same height. And the days come. The Space Lab is going to start a project of bringing people to the space, however this is an experimental stage project which is really dangerous. They need a volunteer to be the astronaut in the rocket, but there is not one want to try because they all know they will give his life for the mission expect this boy, who really dreaming to see the world in next level, who wants to have an experiences to look down seeing the world. So he start training and all the stuff and finally he was on the rocket really to depart. The rocket is blast-off successfully however when it going really high and nearly off the Atmosphere it fails, it start falling down but the only thing this boy focusing is the beautiful view he looking down. After it all, no one care about who the volunteer is, their life still the same as normal, the space lab still experimenting, everything doesn't get a bit change but the house where the boy lives, life has no longer there.

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