Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Storytelling & Commission- From Script to Screen, story developing

Character, environment and hero prop is a foundation of a story, for this project I have got
 Astronaut, Factory, Silts
I am excited about it as i have got different words from the previous project. Also learning from last project, I am thinking about the relationship between those words in a logical way which could happen in my story. And when I was thinking about it , something start growing in my head. 

This could be a story happens in the future when Earth is no longer for living,highly polluted and Decertification seriously appeared by global warming, human all living in the space stations. However some of the places on Earth are still stable to be used. Scientists using those places to build the automatic food supply factory and everyday the supplier come to collect it. 
One day, the factory wastes were carelessly leak out to the dessert and the chemical mixing with the clay form a new living creature- The silts zombie. (In scientist researches ,some of the unique elements in clay are found that are foundation of human structure.) And their population grow really quick as they like virus and they found the factory making their own lair, human don't know what to do so they send robot to fight with the zombie.


  1. Hi Candice - very imaginative, but your story quickly becomes a bit generic - big robot fighting monsters. I'm wondering if your story might be simpler and sweeter? For example, what if your character isn't, in fact, an astronaut, but rather is character who dreams of being one; maybe he/she has a very boring job - working in a factory - but all the time dreams of 'touching the stars' - if only he or she could make themselves taller....

    1. Thank you Phil,
      and about the animation, Is the time limited in 60 seconds or we could more than that ?