Saturday, 18 January 2014

Script to screen - Storyline

-The boy looks at the parents photo on the desk and pray.
-His parents died and only left him in the house.

-The boy on his way walking to his work place.
-Rich's wearing stilts and much higher than the poor's, looking down to the poor people.
-The boy was the lowest class of the country, there are just few people were the same eye level as  him.

-The boy arrives the factory and start making stilts on the conveyor.
-He looks at the upper floor and see the businessman asking the carpenter to design his stilts.
-The boy looks at the piece of wood on his hand.
-He looks up to the sky ,take a deep breath, smile and carry on.

-The other day, The boy on his way walking to his work place.
-The scientists giving leaflets on streets-the space experimental project asking volunteer for  the  country, a group of people gather round to listen, the boy is there.
-No one is doing it and afraid of it but the boy quickly lift up his hand .
-And the scientists choose him because there is no one volunteering.
-The boy really happy and he look up and lift  up his hand to the sky.

- The boy is doing different tasks, from failure to success.
-He is ready for the blast off.
-Everyone watching live on the Tv.
-Time counter from 5 to 1.

-The rocket blast off successful.
-The rocket start failing when it nearly off the Atmosphere.
-The boy knows there is nothing to do but he is happy because he finished his dream of being  higher level to see the world.
-The boy looks at the window seeing the beautiful landscape.
-The last seconds when the rocket nearly touch the earth, the boy close his eyes and saying in his  heart" mum, dad, i have made it."
-The rocket fall, and explode.

-The world back to normal and busy, everyone continue their work.
-[Close up] back to the parents photo and the boy photo are next to it.
-[wide shot] the house is empty.


  1. Hi Candice :)

    You know, I think you're going to struggle to establish all the rules of your world + the boy's back-story in your 60 secs. Also, while I absolutely love the idea of the society system in which stilts = status, it's such a 'BIG' idea, that it feels like it needs more 'time' in your story - more emphasis. There's a lovely tone to your story idea, but I honestly think it's a little too nuanced for the format - put simply, I'm not sure your audience will be quite able to grasp it all in the time.

    The big idea in this version is the 'stilts = status' idea - and I think you should make this a much bigger part of how your story works. I don't think you need to 'explain' the idea - I think you could just assert your world - show poor people walking on the ground, and rich/professional people on stilts. This same logic might mean that the very richest people would be 'the highest' - i.e. 'in space' - a little bit like this set-up:

    So - the poorest (working in factories) walking (and living) on the ground, amongst all the crap and the pollution and litter etc:

    the richer people, walking (and living) on stilts - i.e. above the pollution cloud or whatever - and the super-rich, living high above the earth;

    Maybe your story is about the factory worker getting into space - getting high up - (character vs society) somehow? It's got all the aspects of your original story, but I think the goal of your character might be more easily communicated to the audience - with the challenge of your ACT 1 being the set-up of the caste system of your world.

    1. Hi Phil,
      yea, it sounds more united and thank you for the referencing :)