Monday, 20 January 2014

From script to screen- story rewrite (logline,premise and outline)

Title: Above the ground

The lowest class boy dream to live in the highest place

encouraging ,The wealth distribution happen in this country, government define their classes by the stilts.

[Outline of the story]
-Crowded on the streets, middle class citizen and business man wearing their stilts walking on the street.
-The people are poor only allow them wear shoes.
-The middle class people are much taller than the lowest class.

-The highest upper class, 1% richest people and the most talented people in the country, are living in the space  station.
-They have the best service and support from the rest of the people in the country and the have authority to  make order to the people on earth. 
-Because there are so many people under them, they don't work.

-The boy is a messenger sending letters everyday.
-He finished work and back home, take off his shoes, he looking at it and sigh.
-The boy is the lowest class which the government don't even give them respect to have a pair of stilts.
-When he walk on the street, there are only few people are the same eye level as him.
-People giggling when they look down to the lowest class.

-He open the fridge but there is not enough food for him to make a dinner but many beers.
-He unconvinced where he is and drink.

-The next day he is sending a document to a stilts factory. 
-He go into the office and while he wait for someone to sign, he see a up-middle class businessman asking the  carpenter to design his own stilts.
-The businessman spent so much money on the stilts because he want to show people how noble he is.
-He is looking at the whole situation,he is really angry.

-He follow the businessman but suddenly lost him. 
-The businessman knows and he appear in front of the boy.
-He looking at the boy's feet and realise he is the lowest class. 
-He hasn't laugh but come closer to him.

-They sit down and chat, the businessman telling him his story. 
-Years ago the man was from the lowest class but he got a heart to climb up in the society.
-He worked really really hard from days and nights, save much as he can.
-After a years and years  he climbed up step by step, till now.
-He said
''There are different things you want to equip yourself in different ages of your lifetime, time only takes  the responsibility to run pass but not to make sure you have grown. Stop blaming and start living hard.''
-The businessman leave and the boy still thinking about it.

repeat the shots of the crowded on the streets and the space.
Camera pan to a back of a gentleman walking on the street with his stilts.

the businessman saying that because to the boy, money is the thing he really needs but to him, money is no longer a problem, authority and status are the most thing he want to get from the society. the man trying to encourage the boy do not waste his time, and try his best as he can to change his story.

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