Thursday, 30 January 2014

Soundscape-OGR 01

I am sorry about the late update.

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  1. Your storyboard provides a strong narrative Candice, and there are significant opportunities for this to be enhanced with sound. However at the moment the gaps between sounds causes the viewer's suspension of disbelief to be broken - it's important that there is sound at all times to enable the viewer to remain connected to your animatic.

    Have a think about the background and ambient noises that you could record which would place the viewer in the spaces indicated in your storyboard. Try recording in a space where you can hear distant, muffled voices as this will give a sense of being underground. Also try and punctuate your soundtrack at appropriate points - e.g. when the 'BOOM' appears on screen there should be a corresponding sound. These moments of synchronisation will make the viewer feel more connected to your narrative.