Monday, 13 January 2014

From script to screen

After the last post about story telling with the words [This could be a story happens in the future when Earth is no longer for living,highly polluted and Desertification seriously appeared by global warming, human all living in the space stations. However some of the places on Earth are still stable to be used. Scientists using those places to build the automatic food supply factory and everyday the supplier come to collect it. 
One day, the factory wastes were carelessly leak out to the dessert and the chemical mixing with the clay form a new living creature- The silts zombie. (In scientist researches ,some of the unique elements in clay are found that are foundation of human structure.) And their population grow really quick as they like virus and they found the factory making their own lair, human don't know what to do so they send robot to fight with the zombie.]

Here are more idea developments for my story with " Astronaut, Factory,Silts"
I change my direction to more focus on the factory, and exploring more possibilities.

1)Story bored worker in the factory dreaming in his dream of a space travel. (wonder) 
Idea inspired by the "Alice and the wonderland" however this story is quite general and overuse.

2) Story in a factory which have human's character and been ill and the repairer astronaut come for repair.
Idea inspired by the "Monster House" 

3)Story in a space ship washing factory , there is an old factory keeper used his whole lifetime take care about the factory and a conversation with the astronaut customer with his story (emotional)

4) Story about the first moon landing of American and the UFO images they have taken , and the astronaut discovery the factory for adventure.(funny)
Idea inspired by the news of fake landing of Apollo and the pictures they have taken and the book called " The dark mission"

I am more tend to the fourth story because they give a strong background for my story but also transform to a different story and ending.


  1. Hi Candice....just checking. I think you got 'stilts' as your prop?? You seem to have read it as 'silts' which is something altogether different! Silt is a sort of sandy clay stuff, whereas stilts are this -

    I hope this helps!! :)

  2. Hi Jackie
    Thank you for your reminder and yes, i have got a "stilts'' :) will restructure my story :)

  3. Hey Candice, at first I wasn't understanding the 'Silts' but I reckon you could make this story work well with any hero prop. :)

    1. This is the wrong one but i have redo it in the next post :) you could have a look :)