Friday, 24 January 2014

Psycho 1960 by Alfred Hitchcock -Film review


  1. Hi Candice!

    Couple of points here; when you talk about the director of the film, you should only use his first name the first time you introduce him (as you have done in your opening line). After that, you should refer to him by his surname only... for example, you say '...close up shots in this film when Alfred presenting the physical fear of Marion...' should be ...'when Hitchcock presents...' If you use the first name it sounds a bit 'over-familiar' :)

    Don't use Wiki as source of reference, as it is not classed as 'academic' - any Tom, Dick and Harry can go on there and write what they think, so it is not really reliable.

    In your bibliography, you should have the author's surname first, followed by their initials, and then the date in brackets - so for example,
    Berardinelli, J. (1998)

    You have a good discussion on the use of different distanced shots to convey the tension etc - so well done there!

    1. Hi Jackie,
      is there any film review website you recommend which can be trusted and academic??